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Your name: Saku
Your LJ: WeepingSakura
Characters name: Kaoru
Characters LJ: BerryKaoru
Sample writing: 'Mm... Watching those young mortals parading down the streets in hardly any clotheing. I love how their skin glistens from their sweat and the light of the moon. I couldn't have asked for better prey. I'll lure one of them away; my beauty intoxicating enough that I could have all of them if I want. I just need one. I rarely take more than I need. I pull him away from his friends and take him to the darker part of the alley. He touches my cheek; thinking I'll make him warm. I'll do just the opposite, but he doesn't know that. I smile and kiss him; getting him to relax against me. Silly mortals. So easily fooled. I let my hands travel up his bare back as his hands move against my covered skin. I move from his lips to his jaw, and from there, to his neck. His breath comes out in short pants. I can't help but smile as I let a little bit of my power trickle over his skin. He whimpers as his body hardens at my beckoning. I'll touch him, only a little. I love hearing my 'loves' moan. I kiss his neck before sinking my fangs deep into his artery; taking away his precious life, but giving him so much more in return. He claws at me; moaning his love to me. "I love you as well, my sweet," I whisper to him before he passes on. As soon as he is gone, I drop his body. Such a lovely night.'
.... thats from my sample post for Ninth Spiral
Brief Character Back Story: Kaoru was just been released from the hospital. As soon as he was out... he felt someone calling him. He has had a troubled life recently. He's been losing his loved ones left to right. He had a bit of a mental breakdown and had 'lost his sanity' for a few months. According to the hospital, he just 'woke up'.
What your character is: just lured
Comments: I have these horrible tendencies to get depressed as well as Kaoru. So.... if one second he's all bubbly and happy, then the next he's ready to commit suicide, think nothing of it. .............. 'Booga!' *squees*
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