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Another for your viewing pleasure

Your name:Amber
Your LJ: Amberchilde
Characters name: Kurosaki You
Characters LJ: violin_soul
Sample writing:

You's held back a strangled cry as the Thing tried to wrap it's little puppeteering strings around him. He floated in a strange little cell that the other souls had herded him into. he could touch the walls, much less pass through them without feeling like he was being ripped apart. Even though he was a ghost, nothing more than a waundering soul, he still held his human form. It made him feel stronger, like he was still himself. He would not give in if he could help it.

Brief Character Back Story:

He was an aspiring violinist and guitarist, working with his friend Gackt to form a band. He came to the house thinking he was getting a record deal for him and Gackt and maybe a start really looking for the rest of the band. Just try to pay the bills kept them busy enough that they could barely get flyers out and set up auditions.

You was in the house for a full year before a possessed person killed him. He would have been a completely uncontrolled soul if other souls had not herded him into a small cell that gave the Thing complete access to him at any time. Now, a few months later, he finds himself occassionally nodding in compliance when the Thing tells him to do something.

What your character is: soul-imprisoned
Comments: BOOGA.....meh...
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