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Your name: Stasia
Your LJ: 24cylinders
Characters name: Die
Characters LJ: filthxhi
Sample Writing:
Die quietly walked down the seemingly empty halls, ignoring the screams coming from various rooms. He slipped through the door at the end of the hall and stepped over to the telephone. Taking a deep breath he dialed the number he had been given and left a quick message to the next victim he had been sent after. As he hung up the phone the only thoughts that crossed his mind were those of finally leaving this damned house. It had been too long and he wished to be free again... 'Soon' the voice promised. As Die left the room he repeated the word to himself, hoping it was true.
Brief Character Back Story:
Die is a imprsioned soul, however instead of giving up his soul entirely, he made a deal that allows him to keep his soul until his death. However, he must do as the spirits command him in order to be able to leave the house. He has been in the house for almost two years and as a result of his deal, he often has to do the more dirty jobs when it comes to people who have been lured to the house.
What your character is: imprisoned soul
Comments: Ahahha this rp wouldn't exist if I didn't have fucked up dreams! Booga!! *chomps* :F
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