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Fear's Child

Lives in the house in the mountain.

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This community is closed because of constraints with the MODs and the fact that the storyline is more complicated than necessary for and RPG. It may become a Fanfic though ^_~
A J-Rock Horror RPG

The Story:

The house up in the mountain is a place no one goes. Those that have entered the house do so unawares of the danger. A thing lives there. No one knows if it is a ghost, demon, or maybe even a black god. But it collects souls. Those souls that have been with him longest are the ones he controls. They can possess living people and control them. It is not known if the controlled soul can be removed from the possessed. But once you are under their control, you will have no control. You know a person is possessed by the scream. The louder they scream the stronger the possession. The thing lures people there, finding one reason or another to bring a person there. It has no preference really, as long as the person is pleasing to it somehow.


1. No God-Playing/Power-Playing. Period, end of discussion.
2. This is an AU. However, know your character’s personality. Please, s'il vous plaît, per favore, por favor.
3. All OOC-ness should be in brackets [ ].
4. You may only play three characters. No more.
5. Please log your session ^^ This helps so everyone knows what’s going on. And when you do please put it behind a cut for the sake of the Friend’s pages.
6. Smut, it happens, put it behind cut with a label!
7. This is a horror jrock rpg. There will be nasty things happening. When this happens in a session, label what is in the session (Torture, death, rape, etc.).
8. Yaoi/Yuri is welcomed and encouraged. XD
9. Be respectful and considerate.
10. We know that your RL comes first. However, please tell us. And if you are inactive for more then 2 months without telling us, your character will be put back up for playing.
11. If you ignore these rules, Die-mun and Nao-mun will hunt you down and give you multiple wedgies. So HA!

Things and terms:

The Thing – Is an NPC. You can play the Thing. It never actually appears, but orders given. You can make up those orders given to the Controlled Soul, unless there in a Reaction Post in the community the conflicts with this (See below).

Reaction Posts – This is a post by one of the mods with a scenario that may or may not affect your character. If it does, react to the post in your journal. If you are with another character, then you must react in a session.

Sanctuary Rooms – The Sanctuary rooms were setup long ago by long passed on souls who somehow managed to escape the Thing. It appears at random. Within it is food, water, and a place to rest for about 2 days. When the sanctuary rooms are active, anyone in or entering a room will be transported to them. There are several of them, so not everyone is in the same room at the same time. Essentially, these are our group sessions. ^^;;;

The house – The house was a build by an ancient, rich merchant. The rooms go deep underground in a labyrinth of halls and rooms. The souls imprisoned there often play games with the people caught in the house as they get more and more controlled by the thing.

Possession – The act of it is pretty much up to you entirely. The only thing we require you do is the screaming. ^_^ Once you are possessed there must be a correlation between the player of the person and the player of the soul possessing. You must make sure that you both know what is happening and why. Possession can only last 6 days. At the end of the 6 days, you are either released because the soul becomes too weak to hold the person, or the soul manages to kill the person and takes their soul to the Thing.
-Note: There does not always have to be another player involoved in a possession. A person playing someone alive can just say they are possessed. However, since there are no other people in the house but the people being played, a soul cannot possess a random character/person.

Getting out – Your character can get out. But there is no specific way. Everyone has to find their own way out. Only one person ever has, he committed suicide soon after.

Soul Interaction - A soul can maintain a human form. However, they have a hard time interactiing with solid objects. They can touch, moved, lift, etc. objects, but it takes a lot of concentration. Also, when interacting with living people they can harm the soul and therefore the body. Like a chain-reaction. However, the body only feels the pain of it, the body doesn't suddenly get bruises or anything like that.

What you can become and how:

A soul – Controlled / Imprisoned / Not Controlled
(Controlled – If you are controlled then you do whatever the Thing may dictate. This can be very open since you make up these rules, you can posses, alarm people, etc. Just remember that the Thing is very cruel and sadistic. The only time you cannot be in control of what the Thing commands is when there is a Reaction post (See above). )

(Imprisoned – If you are an imprisoned soul you are still able to think on your own and do as you please, but you will be fighting for it.

(Not controlled – You are wanderer. Either you have not yet been noticed by the Thing, or you have a strong enough hold and confidence in with yourself to keep out of his control. You can also come and go from the house as you please.)

A Lured Person – These people were lured to the house by the Thing and/or the controlled souls. You are the victims. You can have been in the house already for a long time, or have just been lured to the house.

And lastly – If you have read these, write ‘booga’ in your comments ^^


Killing - A soul cannot kill a person, they can only possess them and then make them commit suicide, or they can rip their souls from their bodies. Otherwise they cannot kill a living person. A possessed person can kill a living person though.

To Become a Player:

Your name:
Your LJ:
Characters name:
Characters LJ:
Sample writing:
Brief Character Back Story:
What your character is: (soul-controlled, imprisoned, uncontrolled / just lured / been there a while)

- Join the community, then post the application in the community. After that, a mod will probably give the approval. ^_~


Bondage U. Glossary
BDSM Backroom
-These are just a few for more BDSM things, but they may help. Unfortunately, I could not find any good torture glossaries ;_; If and when I do, I will add it to this list. If you know of some good resources, let me know.

Die (Dir en Gey) : filthxhi
AIM : x24cylindersx

Kurosaki You (GacktJOB) : violin_soul
AIM : Nillaith

Nao (Kagrra) : death_is_
AIM : Nillaith

Tatsurou (MUCC) : tatsuroux
AIM: Eyeballfetish

Kaoru (Dir en Grey) : BerryKaoru
AIM: BerryKaoru

Kirito (Pierrot)

Save these to your own server (Photobucket.com, etc.) and then put them in your character's bio.

Nao :
- E-mail; g_khold@yahoo.com
- AIM; Nillaith

Die :
- E-mail; 24cylinders@gmail.com
- AIM; x24cylindersx