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Your name: shar.
Your LJ: machiavellist.
Characters name: Tatsurou.
Characters LJ: tatsuroux.
Sample writing:
Tatsurou lifted his hand and smeared a bit of the victim's blood against the corner of his own mouth. The wound he'd caused was menial, just a bit of a bite.. a little carving. Nothing especially great. He was still alive and frightened, after all. "No style.." Tatsurou remarked softly, cold eyes shadowed by his hat fixed steadfast upon the person before him. "..you could pull it off, maybe, if you tried a little harder last time.. I won't be happy if you don't scream louder, though.. I'll have to do more... master has to be able to hear it." Tatsurou moved in closer, setting his hand against the victim's cheek and leaning to kiss him hard, teeth once again sinking into the skin. "Next time, maybe, we'll have more fun.." a low, sardonic laugh. The soul then turned, moving off down the long hall nonchalantly. Soon he would fade completely from view, his target left behind in the dead silence.
Brief Character Back Story:
Not much is known about Tatsurou other than the fact that he began service to the Thing a considerable time ago. Prior to his death and 'enslavement' he had not been what one could call a gentle person. He'd commited his fair share of crimes, many of which were unspeakable. He'd never been quite right in the head, and often times even appeared to be void of emotion.
What your character is: controlled soul.
Comments: booga.
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